Work Day…

well, finally i went back to laksa king to work after ONE YEAR!! and i was damn nervous as i was afraid that i was gonna be like a dumbass that had forgotten about everything… *in fact, it’s true* =P

and i was farking angry!!!! ma de, there is this new MANAGER damn 9 7 lan si man!!! beh tahan… i wanna quit edi!! duhhhh… the reason why i am back to there to work just because that mr and mrs boss are VERY NICE to me… but then now this lansi manager, she talks like a loud speaker, looks like a gangster, wears like a prostitute… she kept acting like a BOSS, kept raising up her voice, kept asking me to do this do that… fuhlaoyehh… *DULAN-NYER*

but luckily mr boss made me happy a while… first he came out to tell me ‘GOOD JOB!!’ *yeay* and of coz i said ‘thankiew =)’… then again he looked at me and said ‘you are getting prettier wor’ *WAKAKKAKAKAKKAKAKAKAKAKKAKAKAKA* =P

well, afterall, i still cannot tahan that BIATCH!!! *knnccbtnspkhkc*, maybe i will work for weekends only as my mrs boss told me that they need people to work during weekends… so that i think i shouldnt just leave like this… i am a responsible good girl *winkz*

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