On Hold…

well, thankx for the comments, i really really appreciate it… thankx to zhanshen, CI, mayvis and yuenqi… i am sorry that if i made anyone worried about me… especially my mom… she was sad and disappointed… *SORRIE*

kinda surprised that i have found a loyal reader of MaGiCLaND… hehehehee… YURI =) although i dont know who you are, thankx for the supports and the comments… hopefully i wont be like a BABY anymore…

and because of the problem i faced, i then had the chance to talk to someone… HAHHAHAHA… this someone usually never wanna talk to me at all, always runs away from my messages… but he always there to talk to my problems… the person is…

* wheimeng * says:

hahahaha… love ya IDIOT!! =P

anyway, the next day my mom tried to talk to me on msn but i was out… and she thought that i wouldnt wanna talk to her, she emailed me… and she called me… she thought that i ignored her… *so childish =P* nah lar, i know that she cares… and i actually didnt hate her nor i was angry with her… it’s just that i was so irritated for so difficult to make a proper decision… in fact, i dont think that anyone was wrong for that matter, even me myself i dont know which is the correct way… i was just too confused… i dont know what to do, i am afraid that any decision made will be a mistake, i am not confident to make any move… i dont think anyone can gurantee which is the correct way, right?

hmmm… i am going to put this matter on hold, i replied my mom’s email and now waiting for her reply… and i have many other things to worry for… i am worrying for my house, need to move out soon but havent found a house yet… and i need a job which also i havent found yet… and… the god damn result will be out soon… and I AM SERIOUSLY WORRIED!!


today went to a mini gathering with my primary school mates… everyone already working… they are doing quite good i assume… but there was one told me that it’s hard, and another one planning to go back soon as she hasnt found a job yet… well… it’s all luck i bet…

oh yea, finally one thing that i was kinda happy about for today… there was this girl, my friend’s friend… she asked me whether i TATTOO-ed my eyeliner… *wakakkakakakakaka* which means my eyeliner-drawing-skill is good! ekkekeke… professional huh!! and then she said that my skin was smooth and she asked whether i applied powder or foundation… i replied NONE… she was shocked… WAKAKKAKAKAKAKA~~ *yeay*


then me and alice drove out to look for houses… we went to altona, point cook, newport, sunshine, westona, williamstown… we even went to a beach!! then we came to Sanctuary Lakes… WAHLAOOO!! damn nice weik!! *saliva dripping all the way* let’s me share some pics taken with my new baby n70… *note that pics taken in a MOVING car* i would rate it VERY CLEAR…

tell you what, this house is located MIDDLE of the lake… and you can jump into the lake from your house… so damn syiok yea…

nice leh…

and then… here comes the cam whore… =P

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hihi… yesterday i play with SE w900i leh.. if n70 can do such a clear shoot, then w900i also should be able…. right ??

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