damn damn damn!! the day is approaching…!! and i am seriously not confident in it… especially my AFA!! damn… HELP!! everything is getting scarier and scarier now… bahhhh… i am getting ready to do another semester next year…

besides, i have got a call from my real estate agent… now i know that we are not allowed to look for house yet… as our contract is until march!! *WTF* and this lady told me that if we insist to move out meaning that we are breaching the contract… SO JUST LET US BREACH THE CONTRACT LAR!!! breach contract = pay fine only mar…!!! ishhh!!! why the hell dont let people move out one!! ishhh… 38 one forcing people to stay until march then only start looking for another house eh? sure sleep on the street edi lar… *MDHNSS*

arghhhhhhhh!!! where is my luck!! i need luck weik!!

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chairmanmeow? new visitor eh?

anyway, yes… i am planning for the worst… =)
chocolates? want meh? i am on diet wor… =P

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