Joke of The Night…

i went to work last night… well… not bad ler, at least that BIATCH manager was ok last night… she didnt step on my tail…

but then my mrs boss was being a JOKER last night… she has been looking for more people to work for her and so last night she asked us to bring friends to her… and she said that she wanted LENGLUIZ… and the sentence ended with ‘like ERICCA’… at the moment i heard it, i went 88|… then i tried to follow up with the joke by… ‘sorrie lar, ericca is the most lengluiz edi, you cant get more’… then it’s mrs boss’s turn to |-|

oh man, i seriously hope that there are more lengluiz coming in… so that i can RUN!! i looked at my timetable and the people that are working… i went like… OMG… it seems like everyone is working everyday… bahhhhhhh… i thought that i could give my shifts to someone who is not working… *bangwall* and now i am actually looking for some office jobs or some better jobs that i can at least list them under my EXPERIENCE LIST instead of waitressing… so i think that time i will be working like a mad cow day and night, since i cant quit working here in laksa king… *pengsan*

on the other hand, now waiting for my results… and then will try to look for summer courses in malaysia, so hopefully that i can go back to at least do my summer course? oh well… bless my results, please… thankiew… =)

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