yeay!! finally i am back… the first impression, WARM + SMOKY… aiskzz… dont know why i always feel that the air is so poluted… anyway, it’s great to be home!! =)

but… our ADVENTURES today really happening!!! alice and i reached the airport at 11+ to wait for the 340pm flight… as nobody gonna send us there, so we had to reach there before puishan gonna off to work… we almost finished walking the whole airport, my goodness!!

then we happily went to queue to check in our luggages at 1240pm, and we were so happy that we could get those luggages checked in… i then had a laptop and a TURTLE SHELL *damn more than 10kgs* with me, alice had a laptop, a backpack AND a hand luggage… finally at 210pm, we were allowerd to enter the custom check, WHO KNOWS, they weighted alice’s hand luggage and her backpack… oh man!! they didnt do so last time… but this time… aiiisskkzzz… and guess what, 12kgs excess!! poor us then gotta walk all the way back to check in the hand luggage… and she had to pay for 8kgs excess after 4kgs discount!! 20bucks per kg man!! *WTFFFFFFF*

then dont know what had happened to her credit card, it was declined… and they were PAGING for her… luckily she could pay with another credit card… my godzzz…

anyway, IT’S TIME TO SLIM DOWN~~!!!!! i am joining my popo to go jogging tomorrow… KEKKEKEKEKEKEKEEK… nah, i will prove it that I CAN DO IT!! stop telling me ‘DONT TALK ONLY’, i got action one ok!! *blek*

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yay !!! finally … you are back !!!

i’ll be in KL for the x’mas week … let’s see whether u got the time to see me boh …

spare some time for me la, k ??? hehe


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