Painful Day…

thought of starting my DIET PLAN today… so then i started to hula hooping while watching my beloved TVB series… quite painful, but well i MUST do it!! and guess what, there are bruises on my waist… *goodness*

then went to 1u with mayvis and wheimeng… happily shopping though with RM-ZERO!!! hahahahahah… damn poor weik!! my mom didnt give me money, i had no money, so i had to go out with ringgit-less!! luckily the cute wheimeng sponsored my dinner… *muacks* … then went to toilet after dinner… and guess what again… i fell down in the toilet… ma de blardee toilet damn slippery!! and then i sprained my ankle AGAIN!! how many time in a year i have to sprain my ankle huh!! it’s somewhat lucky as this time was the RIGHT ankle… damn it man!! so damn painful, i almost cried!! and now i have a swollen right ankle… and also the still-swollen-after-9-months-left-ankle… i walk like a handicapped… i am now DISABLED!!! my godddddddzzzzz…

sometimes really feeling sad when i tell my mom that i am hurt… thought that she will HELP me to feel better… but in fact… she always give me another punch… *sobsob* i came home late last night, so this morning i woke up, i “mieeeeee” her on msn to tell her about my swollen ankle…

AnnChin says:
then wat can I do???? 20++ lady somemore been oversea so long……….still cant take care of your self…..small little thing ….mieeeee, mieeeeeeeee

AnnChin says:
told u to do ….u dont like to follow…..

. : e R i C C a : . * Pray For Miracle says:

. : e R i C C a : . * Pray For Miracle says:
always scold people one…

AnnChin says:
then u want me to kiss u somemore??

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Try pilates on your weak ankle muscles?. You should pack in ice to reduce swelling for 15 minutes or so, then heat after about 3 hours..keep it elevated too…that stops the blood from pooling in your foot hence swelling.

Good Rest for your journey to recovery……seriously use a walking stick on your weak side.

um, not a doctor but alotta exp on bruising and fractures.

hey spock… thankx for that… but… erm…
“You should pack in ice to reduce swelling for 15 minutes or so, then heat after about 3 hours” –> how to heat after about 3 hours? HEAT?

walking stick? ermmmmmmmmmmmm… so ugly… =(

neSUX… you shudup!

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