Bad News…

yesterday, my dad sent my uncle to the hospital during midnight after his wife called at 3am… he felt dizzy and puking all night long but refused to go to the doctors… his wife couldnt do anything but to ask help from my dad… after that, heard that it was not too bad, it was caused by high blood pressure, which is VERY HIGH…

but this morning… my mom told me that my uncle was very very serious now… he is now in coma… the stomach is bleeding… might be paralyzed… or… even dead… imagine that he is not rich, he has 2 wives and 2 very very young daughters, maybe only 5 years old… how are they going to survive huh…?

basically, his relationship with the brothers wasnt that good previously… especially with my younger uncle… they seldom talk… but then at this moment, i can see that the brothers still care for him… my dad goes to hospital everyday… he cried… he is really really sad… and my younger uncle offers to help to transfer him to a better hospital and all…

but the question is… whether it is too late? can he still be able to recover?

well, he might be not that bad… IF and only IF he was wise enough to listen to people… he is a hardcore smoker… he eats everything although he knows that he has high blood pressure… he thinks that doctors are all money cheaters, he refuses to go to the doctors… his favourite phrase is ‘die mar die lor’… how ‘RESPONSIBLE’ is this man~~~

everyone is worried… his wives been crying… my grandma is in the hospital to see him too, i dont know how is she going to react to this situation…

bless him…

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1. How to get two wives?

2. How old is he?

3. Yea, we have to tressure every moment we have with relatives and friends, to be in good binding with them always I mean.

I hope he will be alright, may God bless him.

Anyway, this is not a good new year. My friend (who’s younger than me) has just diagnosed with leukemia. As for our government, pretty screwed up with the individuals’ freedom and rights.

Terrible 2006, terrible!

OooH My GoodnesS……what a tragic begining for 2006!!
good luck and all the best in the coming future!!

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