Gone… Forever…

finally, he is now gone forever… the saddest day afterall… rest in peace… and also thankx people for the concern =)


well, was kinda happy and been waiting for something to happen TONIGHT… as someone said… but then… an idiot is forever an idiot, a liar is forever a liar… he said i didnt reply his message while i said i didnt receive his message… it’s really tired of arguing all the time… the feeling is not good at all… i dont know what’s wrong with our PHONES… his phone tends to ignore my messages most of the time… while mine also doesnt like his messages… i guess, we are not meant to contact each other… shall i let you gone forever as well…

i was able to get him, and he responded… but then he asked me to wait for him to finish his bowling games at 430am just to accompany him to ta pao A&W? while i left my mamak session with friends at 330am? *ARGHHHH* i would say that… not sincere at all!! nah, i wasnt that dumb to do so, i went home instead… =)

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