weeeeeeheeee~~~ i always believe that one person wont be so damn unlucky for so long one… kekekekekek… and yes, i think i already gone through the WORST days… so now, my luck is BACK!! kekekekekekekek~~~ i played monopoly again last night… and i didnt lose until very cham ooorrhh… in fact, i seldom go to jail oooorhhh~~~ *grinz*

erm… went to this mamak with family… while i ordered a TEH TARIK, but my mom and brothers ordred ABC… this waiter there damn kurang ajar… i already said i wanted a teh tarik but then he kept asking me ‘ABC?’ ma de!!!!! damn dulan siaoz, then i asked him to ‘SHHHHHHHHH’ and i repeated again with ‘T-E-H T-A-R-I-K’… then he somemore ‘ABC lar’ then i raised up my arm ALMOST wanna whack him edi… damn geram~~~~!!

then during night time… went to petaling street… yoohooo~~ damn long didnt go there edi… damn happening… but damn boring also… hahahahahahah~~

anyway, i am still PISSED!! at an IDIOT!!

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hahahhahahahahha… yea lar… expected ler… and he said he THOUGHT he was supposed to WAIT for my call… *WTF* nonsense a lot!! nvm, i very smart this time, i already made a 5 days deal with him~~ =P if he is not doing in these 5 days… me and him ‘MOU TOR MOU HIM’…

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