Specky Ericca…

weeeeheeee~~ ehhehehe… was once impressed with a specky me long time ago… bugged mom to get me a pair of specs… but mom didnt want to… *aiskzzz*

but then… NVM LAR!! now i am a big girl already!! i have my own money!! i can buy myself!! but then… i didnt buy… i TOOK den’s specs instead… ekekekekekek… *smart girl* well, people commented that i look more matured, more polite, more professional, even mayvis said i look like a TEACHER… while den said i look like a TEACHER IN JAPANESE AV… *WTF*

[please excuse the ugly complexion, without make up is like this one lar]

damn the flash… looks like ghost only…

good girlnyer… *nomore lala*

i am a teacher… call me Ms. Chin… *ROFL*

so this is the AV look, you mean?

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wakakkakakakakkakakaa~~~ damn funny!! =P

i know the Queen of Wu-Liao… HAHHAHA~~ but i havent done my tutorial homework yet… *ish*

zoe, *thankx* although i think that your eyes got problem… HAHAHHAHHAA… nice ar with specs… so i shall let the specs say byebye to its EX-OWNER edi~~~~ ^_^

Please lar! Don’t wear glasses lar! Now I am ashamed of wearing glasses already…

And then little kids would be crying because they only learn bad things from Ericca.

gulengz, you suit me? what? erm… gotta wear suit and stocking yea… hmmm… okok, got it… let me have another WU LIAO session first lar… now not feeling wu liao~ =P

yuenqi, i am not a nerd… oh well, i still remember who you used to like in high school… hmmm… they are nerdy looking eh? =P

bobo, dont wear then!!! kids love me ok!! you SHUDUP!

wei, my dear …

1st time wearing glasses ke ??? did you realize that u wear it ’sengetly’ ???

haha !!! but but but … with glasses looks more polite, true ! like ME !!! kekeke …

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