CNY Pics…

oklar… come come update a bit of the chinese new year pics… showing the cute nephew in the house and also my lengleng family… =)

so cute hor, he was eating his prawn cracker, then i forced him to PEACE to take pic… kekekekekeke… he is Jonathan… =)

the 3 piggie brothers and sister… wakkakakakakaka… they are my 17 years old twin brothers from left to right, Pin, me and Chuen… *damn, my eye bags + dark eye rings*

my daddie + mommie… jefrrey and ann chin~~ KEKEKEKEKKE… they both wearing the new tops that i bought from melbourne ooorrrhhh… leng leh~~~~ *you cant say NO*

3 replies on “CNY Pics…”

can you show the full view of your pink top? how come look so alike with the red color that you wore last yr 1, just diff color only? dont tell me you still keep the red color 1. is weichuan and weipin hair cut in the same saloon?

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