bgeh 2…

hey bgeh… thankx for the topic in hub yea… thankx for introducing more visitors here… suddenly 40 visitors edi wor!! awwwwwwwww… so sweet!! i dont need to be in the hub… but i have INFORMERS… see how much people dislike you oorhh… =) great job!

first of all… i dont know whether you all STUPID or DUMB or whatsoever… i already said that I WASNT ANGRY AT THAT VIP THINGIE!! i was just FUCKING DULAN because SOMEONE MUCH MORE CHILDISH than me calling me CHILDISH!! you KIDDO! yea, like some people said… what’s the use and meaning of a VIP in the hub man… it’s nothing… and i didnt even care for so long that my VIP lost dont know how long ago… which really means that i dont fucking care about the status!

okokok… damn… back to the topic… listen… no… read here… bgeh should be reading… HAHHAHAA… basically, i dont mind being insulted, this can be seen by me being insulted by BB~ he is the extreme, but i still think that he is a nice person, only that he is messing around… hmm, and of course more people insulted me, but they have their POINTS, they said i was being annoying/rude/whatever, ok, i am, i accept it… but YOU, you do everything on purpose and you think you are right, you think you are making sense… but you are DEFINATELY NOT!

first thing, childish person being a VIP is a shame… ok, this one i accept, i am childish, i admit… and i dont contribute to the hub also, i admit, i memang treat the hub as a bullshitting place for me only… a pass time… so i dont mind… but YOU, wahlaoo… even a childish person cannot be VIP edi, how the hell on earth a childish person + PMS person can be OPERATOR!! this is so wrong!!

ok… you LAUGHED at ULTIMATE OP POWER is it… yea, you did that… you represent the hub, by talking nonsense… for example, i seriously dont think that i was DE-VIP because of childishness, that’s your nonsense! another one is… you nuts for muting, kennylising, lunarising for STUPID REASONS!! what the fuck is wrong with you for kennylising me for saying SCOTTY IS CUTE!! he is cute, so what? jealous ar? and you said it as ‘no contribution’… ok, go and fucking kennylise yourself for saying SHERYL IS CUTE lar… or when you say DOTA!! contribution ar? BULLSHIT!!

yea, my DELAYED ACTIONS… this is because… mine is a WWW action… and yours only a HUB ACTION… differentiate it ok… =)

and also…

[15:27] NSX_MY> ericca leh, i memang tak suka dia in frankly –> ok lar, i dont have problem with you dont like me, i dont expect everyone to like me though… and i have my bads, you can dislike me for sure… but then, although i dont have POSITIVE feeling towards you, i dont have NEGATIVE feelings towards you too… *neutral*

now now before you get into the silly insults and stuff, i must remind you that seagates is innocent
heck he was the one that unkennylized you 2 mins after
perhaps you forgot to check it though =)

[00:56] [action] bgeh kennylized eRiCCa
[00:58] [action] SeaGates unkennylized 1 out of 1 users

Comment from: bgeh [Visitor] — 02/17/06 @ 18:44

oh, thankx for telling… OF COZ I KNOW!! i do things with SOLID REASONS one, ok… =) you saw me scolding him meh? and i know he is a nice person too… *cheers*

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hahahahha… no lar… coz i have nothing to do mar… quite fun mar making war… HAHAHHA~~ something special mar… =P

indeed. the reason i said delayed action was because your post came 1 day after the kennylize, not because of the hub action and www thing you’re talking about.

and perhaps your sources might have employed selective reading. i stated that you already were angry at me and the kennylize was the catalyst for your angry outburst here =)

oh yes and op’s cant be kennylized or lunarized or nuts, which is why you don’t see the op wars of ages long past.

about the scotty thing, it was a joke, and you were unkennylized soon after. well if you can’t take it then nvrm =)

and guess why i made it the hub topic? to generate debate. your sources should know that i did not in any way chide your opinions.

and you mention that the hub’s a bullshitting place to you. guess what? it’s the same to me. so why should i bother about people on the hub hating me?

and no, to the vip status, it’s not a shame to the hub, it just doesn’t represent the hub too well. as for the reasons i removed your vip, they still stand, but for the kennylize incident, i have to apologize because i never knew the joke would actually hurt you.


it was delayed, coz i have more things to do than only blogging…

the scotty thingie, i just cant take your jokes. and about the unkennylised thingie, it’s not you who did that, so it doesnt count.

yes. i know you didnt comment.

anyway, i already stated down all my points and also my anger already released. now i shall declare war ended.

then i’m sorry then, because i’ve done the same to many other members and i think the other op’s have done the same too.

about the unkennylize thing, i usually leave a person kennylized for 10 mins or so before i unkennylize them. that is why you rarely see anyone being kennylized for more than 15 mins or so. well unless he/she has incurred the wrath of all the op’s at once. seagates just unkennylized you before i would have eventually did

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