Back at Melbourne…

again back to this old place which i dont really wanna come back… but no choice.. aisssskkzzz… the weather is not really good, quite warm, 22 degrees *dont CHEHHHHH ar*, but we are living without fan and air-con… i miss my air-con ar… =( *wawawawawa~~*

moved into my new room, gotta rearrange everything… kinda headache ler, no mood to arrange edi… ish… i am lucky that i am staying with my cousins… ehehehe… so from today onwards, my cousins = my housemates… HAPPY FAMILY!! =)

but well, at least my leave brought me a lil surprise… that i was kinda shocked when i received the sms… with that kinda content which i will never ever see or hear from him in real life…

hey girl, nice knowing you. very nice to be able to spend some lil time with you here ya. dont forget about me ok? shall keep in touch in msn alrights? muakz. have a safe and fun journey back. take care of yourself. and erm… dont know what more to say. sob sob. gonna miss you… sob sob…

yea, i cried. most touching sms of the day… =)

thankx boy. glad to have known you for this small amount of time and i think we kinda maximised the time to hang out together, and to spend quite some time to accompany each other, to bright up each other’s life… although the time spent wasnt too much, at least the quality of memories that we have is good enough =) no matter how, i appreciate you, your company, the joy, fun and laughters that you brought to me… as well as the arguments that we had, it’s all about me and you, it’s OURS! although it’s a bit not so possible, i still hope that you will remember that you still owe me something, and you will really come to visit me, and of course, remember ME!! take care yea, build yourself a career, find yourself a good wife and finally be a MAN!! i will surely miss you as i already started missing your existence… =)

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