i was seriously damn nervous and damn stressed out everytime i tried to open the browser to check my result. my heart was beating extremely fast everytime when the web was loading, and my mind went blank and i felt dizzy. it wasnt a good feeling though. it was supposed to be out on 27th, but the web still not showing any result yet. until today, i asked alice to help me to call up to ask for it, because, I DIDNT FREAKING DARE TO CALL.

while waiting for the news, i was like a retard, walking in and out of the room, checking at my phone, thinking what to do IF i failed… i got very frustrated when sms came in, i opened, damn, it’s not from ALICE!! I WANTED SMS FROM ALICE so badly!! 10 minutes later, no news, i called her up… she said the college’s phone was engaged… oh fine. i decided to stay away from the phone, i put it under the pillow, hiding it from my sight… *dont ask me what’s the point, i dont know either*

finally, i heard this irritating noise coming out from my speaker… and then… sms received. i opened it with my eyes closed. YES!! I PASSED!! THANK GOD!! this is the very first time in my life CRYING *this is crap as i cry all the time, BUT* for happiness, for the RELIEF!! *yeay*

thanksssssssssssssssssssss~~~ big thank to ALICE!! =)

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hey kid…err mui, congrats wor…one down…only a few more and u are all done! (kor pats mui on her head)


have always been around mui, u seem ok these days, so kor keep quite lor…

plus, u know how to reach me if u need me…

stardee smart/hard yeah? and oh…be good….

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