Manja Boy…

probably it’s just a meaningless post here… but i seriously think that this is just SO CUTE!! can someone intro a guy like this to me ar? i want this kinda bf… manja type… HEHE~

™ says:
™ says:
™ says:
muakz muakz muakzz
™ says:
why am i kissing you ar
™ says:
™ says:
gimme back…
™ says:
muakz muakz muakzz

and i am very impressed when someone has a very good relationship with own family, especially a guy manja-ing with family is a +10 points to me.

™ says:
i just wan someone to hug to sleep..
™ says:
to manja with
™ says:
™ says:
i think i wan to sleep with mummy tonite
™ says:
™ says:
she slept with me few nights ago leh

when i was chatting with him, my mom called me…

™ says: oh haha
™ says: tell her i say hi
ME says: she says “hello”
™ says: tell her i am *tut*
ME says: told edi she says “so?”
ME says: “*tut* from where? i havent seen him before also”
™ says: tell her *tut* the great
ME says: “i dont know who wor”
™ says: nvm ler
™ says: huh
™ says: dunwan talk to her adi
™ says: duwnan friend your mummy liao
ME says: “when friend you before, come to friend with me now”
™ says: dunwan dunwann

hahahahaa… isnt he too cute to be true? i wonder, any of the visitors here has similar attitude? or any girl here likes this kinda guys too?

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Manja boy so far I know is ….. my bf *sweat* You dun want to see him how to manja his parent, especially his mum …. LOL ~

Sometime he will manja me as well *sweat* but is sweet and cute… LOL !

But for me, I think i only manja to my dad, last time i used want to sleep with my dad, hehehehe…. But now sometime I manja my bf only *blush*

hahaha… hazel, so you like guys who manja too?

chairman, manja in malay… erm… do you know chinese? 撒娇?


i know lar girls gotta be manja… but i am asking whether you all like manja boys or not… or you like MAN boys… coz some people think that boys being manja = childish or very disgrace, or something like that…

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