My Sunday Day Out

weeeheee… finally i went out of my tiny lil room for some FRESH AIR after a week rotting in it… HAHHAHAHA… i went out with jie and this lil ugly friend… we went to footscray to take/pass something to puishan, then we went to have lunch… HEY, my lunch was good!! i love it!! it’s nice to me, but it’s a bit tasteless to jie… but hell, mine was more a VALUE BUY man!! i had my seafood pasta with 8 mussels, 3 scallops and some fish fillets in it for 13bucks!! but she had her OMELETTE with lots of VEGETABLES for 18bucks?!?!?! *awwwwwwww*

then we headed to city to walk walk, met up with yuan and cheryl… then went for dinner… and grocery shopping at safeway… then i am home! very tired edi… =(

on the other hand, i am STRESSED!! aiskzzz… was told that there will be a primary school BBQ GATHERING in the city this coming saturday, i was actually kinda reluctant to go, it’s so damn far in the city!! but then, they said it’s for ME! my birthday BBQ, i was like *awwwwwwwwwwwwwww* sweet but sad that i have to go so far, but OKOK! who knows, i got sounding from another group of people, which is my cousins and cheryl… as i SPOILED their SURPRISE… *WTF* stressed man, what to do now… aiskz aiskz aiskz… *pengsan* nvm nvm, i will try to make it a good one, and nobody will be sad… *cheers*

NOW, come, PICTURES of the day =)

my so damn worthy seafood pasta!! ONLY 13BUCKS!! *yummmmmmmm*

this ugly lil friend came along with us… aiskz, he had to put on the seat belt, else he would get FINE!!

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erm… in footscray, it’s in a HOUSE… i mean… a restaurant hiding in a housing area, where usually people wont be able to notice it… HEHE…

i will tell you how to go… if you really wnana go…

ah.. i seldom go to any place near footscray unless visiting my frens in vu. a name of the restaurant and the street name will be good enough for me to chk up whee is it if i get to have lunch in footscray =D

erm… oh oh oh… it’s just 3 mins walking distance from vu… erm… well… not very sure… i think the name of the restaurant is TWENTY SIX, and it’s a WHITE bungalow…

it is the st between ballarat rd and geelong rd… i think it’s nicholson st… HEHE…

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