My Handphones…

well, basically i have 3 hps, 1 is my 3G calling phone, 1 is my SMS phone, and 1 is my 016 phone.

but currently i find that i actually can leave my phones at home, as the phones seldom ring, this proves that i have no friends huh… *awwwwwwwwwwwww*

imagine myself in kl, i even had to bring my phone into the bathroom, as it was expected to ring anytime, and i didnt want to miss any… when i went out, i even brought my handsfree along in my handbag, it’s not because that i drove or what, but LONG CALLS were expected, so i had to put on handsfree to chat for hours… and yea, sometimes i brought along my car charger too in case that my friend’s car didnt have one! and imagine that my mom had to peep my smses while i was eating, and my mom had to comment that i ‘eat also not free’…

haiihzzzz… i miss my BUSY DAYS… i miss replying smses, i miss talking on the phone… my batteries last longer these days… and i sometimes have to use one phone to call another phone to make sure that it’s working fine… oh my godzz…


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