Happy 23rd Birthday!!

thankx for night my babes!!! specially thankx to my cousins, Teri Jie and Andrea aka YongYuan… then of course my darling Cheryl also lar!! and also those who went Publicity last night, May, Karen, WeiSheng, ShiangYuan, Sam, MunYee, and 2 other girls… *yeay* basically, last night was my first time meeting may, karen, sam and the 2 girls… HEHE, new friends *wooohooooooooo*

thankx Andrea for the JD coke and the bacardi 151, thankx Jie for the Chartreuse, thankx to stranger A for the black sambuca, thankx to stranger B for the mineral water… and thankx to myself for the martini + pina colada… what a drink mixer… bahhhhhhh… but that’s not the level that i wanna be… but, tried to control not to drink so much… alcohol is addictive!!

the night was great ler… people were having fun and we even had this game, picking up an opposite sex just to ask for his/her number, so damn funny!! girls and guys were all dancing happily… even danced with some strangers too, but i got annoyed when they started to be STICKY, and luckily i got SAM!! hahahhahaha… my HERO!! everytime i wanna run away from someone, i would get sam to dance with me, and then he would slowly bring me away from them… that’s so cool huh when you can go flirting and fishing around, then you can have your guy friends to bring you away when you have had enough of them… *evil* but there was this idiot-dont-know-who was dancing with me and then he made me fall and i kneeled down on the floor and my knee is bruised!! *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

i think i am OLD edi… i was so tired the whole night and kept looking for space to SIT down… iiissshhh… besides, wearing heels to dance is an add-on tiring job, so i took off my heels!! HAHHAHAHA… i danced with my bare feet!! and i experienced the feeling of ‘SO GOOD’ till i didnt wanna wear them back!! KEKE… i felt so melbournised when i was walking with my bare feet on the street with my hand holding my heels… hahahahahaha… those aussies like to do so!!

pictures are up up up~~~

the people!! me, weisheng, cheryl, yuan, munyee, shiangyuan, jie

pretty cousins cum housemates~~~ MUACKS~~~

fatty yuan!! i wanna EAT YOU!!

weisheng and me…

my hero, sam!!

i like this pic!! hahahahhaa… both of us look so SHY… wakakkakaka~

my 3 most important babes! *muacks*

click here for more pictures~~~

8 replies on “Happy 23rd Birthday!!”

heh, what can i say?

you’re officially older than me now!

happy bday chin vian yee!!! have a great day man!

wakakkakakakakaa… what a sms i got from you, that’s called NOT STINGY eh? if you are really NOT STINGY, then you should have CALLED ME instead!! =P

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