after a wild celebration from 12am of 12th march until 4am… reached home at 5am… then stupidly msn chatting with Benny, Adrian, Keith and SaiHoe until 7am… then only happily went to bed when i saw the sun… then stupid Harvey called me early in the morning at 11am… bahhh… conclusion, i only had 4 hours of sleep!! *yawnzzzzz*

there jie, yuan and me decided to go to the BEACH since it was like 38 degrees!! freaking hot!! i could feel that my skin burning under the sun *ouch* but well, it’s a cool experience having a drink by the beach, looking at bikini girls *wooohoooo*

and then we headed to southgate to have dinner with weisheng, sam and cheryl too!! southgate is a quite nice place for dinner, they have restaurants for fine dining… but… we went there with pasar-malam-look and beach-look… all with shorts and slippers… HAHHAHAHAHA… damn odd weik!!

my dinner was SUCKY, i only ate all the SPAGHETTI in my plate and left all the other-things-beside-spaghetti in the plate… *burp* and then the BOMB of the night came to me out of a sudden, a red color thingie was presented in front of me… my LOVELIEST DARLING CHERYL bought me a drink… it’s BLOODY MARY!! HOW SWEEEEEEEEEEET!! but the taste went like… SPICY + SALTY!! i tasted tabasco sauce and pepper ONLY!! what a cocktail, really COCKY!! i almost puked man!! and cheryl was too sweet as she only gave me 10 minutes to finish it, else i would have to pick up a guy in the restaurant *again* what to do, i had to hold my breathe, MUST NOT taste it man, and quickly had it done within 10 minutes and then diluted it with iced peach tea… *phew*

finally, the desserts’ time!! black forest gateau!! *yeay* but it was damn embarrassing that they sang the birthday song VERY TERRIBLY so that people were looking at us… *hides* shy lar me!!

after that we went to Transport, a bar to have drinks *again*… i was damn tired and sleepy… finally it’s time to go home at 1am… happy… and yea, end of my birthday celebration~~~~ thanks people!! =)

I LIKE THIS LIL BOY!! so cute~~~ *muacks* but this JIE ar… what a BAD photographer… haiihzzzz… *the man on the far left is the boy’s daddy*

i am the beatchie girl… =P

the so-called MISS-HONGKONG-POSE~~

me and jie in the restaurant posing *again*

the BLOODY MARY that the BLOODY CHERYL bought…

ingredients: vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, tabsco sauce and worcestershire sauce…

MUST NOT TASTE!! HOLD!! *go go go*

me and my cake… =)

5 replies on “Birthday-DAY…”

man…. cheryl is so nice man…. she bought u a drink yet ur bitching behind her back…. wat sort of fren are u ?

wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… darling dont say like this… i promised you that i will make you a BLOODY CHERYL on your birthday one mar… HAHHAHA

hi it’s me again!!haha i m always asking q bout restaurant… coz i love eating so much ngekngek. so this time, what is the name of the southbank restaurant? i only tried red emperor b4, the 1st time i thot it was good – peking duck n the cold dishes n the 2nd time it was pretty bad – those stirfry vege food..
oh ya. do u know bout the entertainment book?they’ve got a lot of vouchers for restaurant n trips!! it’s aud60 for charity

HHAHAHA~~ eehui, sorrie leh, i dont know what restaurant is this, but it’s opposite a gelato ice cream shop… facing the river…

oh i know which one is that. i thk i tried the one next to that one b4 but the food wasnt surprisingly good also.

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