HAppy Birthday to Susy!!

who is susy leh? she is my lady boss lor!! it was my first time meeting her, she is DAMN PRETTY!! gorgeous!! sweet!! soft spoken!! she looks like a japanese man!! but she is an indonesian…

anyway, it’s some sort like a gathering for employees and employers from Better Choice… also Better Choice’s 1st year anniversary dinner… as well as susy’s birthday~~~ so leh… the dinner was GREAT man!! i was also invited although i only worked there for like 3 days? ahhahaha… good timing…

we had oysters, pigeons, lobsters and other dishes too… damn yummy!! i love the lobsters noodle man!! DAMN TASTY weik!! i mean the noodle, yea i only like the noodle with the taste of lobsters… i didnt eat much of the lobsters… as… i was too lazy to eat them, hard work man peeling off the shell!! *no thankiew* 7 pounds of lobsters, i think that dish should cost around 300bucks… yummmmmmmm~~~ and also a LOVE SHAPED mango gateau!! so romanticnyer~~~ and then my boss sent me back after everything… so nice yea… i shall work harder now…


anyway, i finally had a nice good sleep after 3 nights of business… i slept for 10 hours before going for my test yesterday… i slept at 11pm and thought of waking up at 4am, the alarm rang and then i changed to 7am, it rang again and then i changed to 10am… and hey, i woke up before 10am SATISFIEDLY… *wooohoooo* poor jeff called during the night but i was sleeping and i didnt bother waking up myself to talk to him… HAHAHHA… poor boy…

the test was ridiculous man… all 6 questions look similar to me… HAHAHHAHA… and thus… all 6 answers also quite similar… =P

luckily i am not working today… and thus… yea, we chatted from 1230am till this morning 530am… which included the talk time i carried forward from the night before… *wakkakakakakak*

and i guess… tonight will be another clubbing night~~ wooohoooo~~~

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