BUSY life…

been wondering… where and when is MY time now… i dont even have enough time to chat on msn with my mom… i dont even have enough time to COMMUNICATE with my housemates… i dont even have time for myself to blog, to do my very own things… 80% of my time has been dedicated to Better Choice and Benedict Lim…

but, maybe this is good too… as in… i dont have much time to do nonsense things, waste money… and most importantly a healthier lifestyle i am having now… i sleep earlier compared to the OLD ME, just because that i need to wake up early at dumb ass 7am to get ready to go to work at 9am… and of course, i dont have much energy to stay up late after one whole day of 10 freaking hours of work too…

the new OWNERS of ericca

Better Choice

Benedict Lim

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