damn, i hate DOTA!! dota is devil!! dota is black magic!!

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~~~ dota can make people eat in front of the monitor, dota till sleep, wake up and then dota… anytime, anywhere… and dota can replace GF/BF too… you dont need anyone when you have dota… you can hug dota to sleep… you can have dinner together with dota… you can dota in the toilet… maybe you can dota while shopping also with wireless connection… oh, can you have sex with dota? *wondering*

duh… i think if one can get married with dota… there will be a lot of people doing so… especially MR BEN-SAND KING, he will marry the SAND QUEEN for sure…

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LOL…. I am an EX-DOTA-er.. have to say MR BEN is sure a too-afraid-to-lose-noob or else he won’t be hugging on Sand King in the game.

Anyway, I too HATE dota.. too evil makes people cuss.. LALALALALA

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