ok… everybody has exes… and some people can really make good friends with exes… like me and my ex, i think we are quite good in our so called FRIENDSHIP…


i just dont understand… an ex being your friend is good, but why must an ex call you like everyday? ok, maybe not everyday… but AT LEAST 4 times a week?

and why must an ex keep asking for an outing? ok, not an one-on-one date, with some other friends too… but why other friends never so stressed on it, but her?

why must the sms start with ‘hey honey’ and ends with ‘*muah*’… ok, so maybe she is just being friendly and she does it to everyone, it’s so normal in the western culture… but cant she just CUT DOWN her friendliness and think of what will the GF think?

is she trying to do something? or it’s just me being sensitive?


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not really understand the western culture…
it’s not wrong for u to get sensitive/jealous as this is neutral reaction. I dont know whether she is up on something, but i just know if u wish to save this relationship u have to do something.. good luck~ 🙂

i try not to stress about it and try to think IT’S NORMAL, IT’S OK… as i dont want to change his life too much, i want to let him do whatever he wants to do…

hi gal, try to tok to him nicely and tell out ur feelingz and uneasy…. be honest to each others and settle the prob together 🙂
Im sure nobody wans misunderstanding, so dont suspect and be more +ive!
Or maybe u can suggest to go wit them, BF brings GF along for outing is very normal 🙂

dear dun be so sensitive~~ it’s hard for him to keep saying no to a friend i guess, go together… have the outing together *yay* this way it shows your supports to your bf….. and it’ll let the ex knows how close you guys are (well just in case ;P)

My comment.. u shouln’t point the finger to her side.. where you should point it to your boyfriend side..

He as ur BF, shouldn’t make u uncomfortable, worry etc.

If he know about this, certainly he will know what to do. just act like an normal friend to her.

If he still wanna keep a close relationship with her and don’t bother ur feeling, then u have to think about ur relationship with him.

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