yeay… i went to work on saturday as a product demonstrator for Organics By Nature. basically, my job was just standing there, asking people to TASTE our food… a free tasting job… easy but boring… especially i was working with this indian guy, he was so damn quiet eventhough i kept talking to him, he only gave me his not-so-charming-smile… *pengsan* luckily it’s only 5hours… thank god… but, when is my next job? they didnt tell me… =(

then later went to this karaoke near my place… it’s just walking distance and i hadnt been there before… *idiot* i was impressed by the place, it’s very classy, it’s so much different from the normal karaoke places that we always go… it’s very very new and the price was not bad… 40bucks/hour for the room… one bad thing is that it’s a KOREAN karaoke, VERY hard to communicate with them, even the remote control was in korean words too… we could only GUESS the function of the buttons… we sneaked in a bottle of alcohol, or i would say I, as i hid the bottle in my jacket… then we just ACTED to buy one bottle of red label from them… and we *except me as i had to drive* finished 2 bottles… *applause* because of this, the guys got so mad, all turned into kids after some shittie drinks…

oh well… that’s my weekend after exam… sounds so relaxing… =)

and now i am browsing ebay for fun… and being disturbed by the lousy boy who is watching ‘SILENT HILL’… he told me it’s an ACTION MOVIE and asked me to watch together… but dont know why… i saw someone using pillows to cover his face… hmmm… luckily i didnt get cheated and i still think that EBAY is much more interesting…

now… *pray pray pray* for more jobs…

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