*yeay* i am FINALLY a graduate!! =) *applause*

one of the worries is gone now… but, there are more to come… it’s time to start worrying for my PR application… need to get this done, get that done… so many things to do… ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

and i am feeling sad… coz i dont have enough money… i dont have enough jobs… maaaaaaaaa~~~ =(

hmmm… nobody bought me present… =( but luckily i was too smart, and i PREDICTED that i could pass it… so i went shopping yesterday *before the result was released* and yea, i bought myself present… =P i bought myself a pair of boots using mommie+daddie’s credit card *assuming that they bought me present already*… and babyben bought me a pair of jeans… weeeheeee… i got presents!!! *winkz*

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A big congrats mui! Kor knew you’ll make it and I’m happy for you that this *torturous* journey is finally completed.

Anyways, do take a big break before jumping into any jobs, you are young only once!


hey “cousin” haha. congratulations wor!!!!! know u must be damn happy.. working ur ass off for three long long long loooong years for this day huh.. hahaha… wish i am a grad too.. kakaka…

see u in cny 2007!

yeay… thanks kor *muacks*

thanks yoda…

tim… i am going to win all your CAD$… wakakkakakaka~~~

Congrats!! searching for PR job? means you was a mass comm student? hmm…can learn from you *wink*! Tk care

oh…missunderstood.*red cheek* Haha.hopefully your application is approve. God bless you anyway. And tk care.

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