Seafood Night…


*yumyum* we had a great SEAFOOD night!! thanks to casey’s birthday!! basically we just wanna eat seafood, and thanks to her so that we had the EXCUSE to eat SO MUCH SEAFOOD!!

puishan, yean and me went to richmond in the afternoon to buy seafood… we bought oysters, pipis, crabs, mussels, sashimi, prawns, clams, squids… ALL SEAFOOD!! *OMG OMG OMG* so yummy~~~~~ thanks to edwin, carson and yean… they are such great chefs!! and thanks to ME for overcooking the clams… all gone to the bin… shiatzzz…

in the end, too much seafood is no good… stomach pain =( *sobsob*

anyway, such a fun night…!!! =)

our dinner… *slurps*

the CHAMPIONS of the night… *applause*

OMG!! this is such a good candid shot!! i look so god damn innocent!! *yeay* but the ben and the puishan beside me… haihzz… *shakehead*

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