yeay, i started my FIRST office admin role, receptionist yesterday… it was a good start… and i found that OMG it’s not that easy to be a receptionist… HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA… at least, first of all, i had too much of walking, was so damn wrong to wear HEELS!!! the current receptionist was very nice, she was teaching me almost everything nicely… and she told me, we could wear FLATS, and this is why she was wearing FLATS… as we even had to walk to the bank… it’s like a… 15 minutes walk… gosh…

it was a good LEARNING day… from answering phone calls, banking, lodging, mailing, filing… i think the hardest job was to read my bosses handwriting *sweat* usually the bosses will write some small notes to the receptionist to ask her to do something… but the problem is… i couldnt even read them… SHIATZZZZZZZZ… another thing was… australia is TOO MULTI culture… they have too many people from all over the world, and it’s so hard for me to take message from callers… as i couldnt even spell or pronouce their names properly… *DENG*

anyway, the job was pretty boring… but well… what to do… it’s a given opportunity, in order to start my PROPER working life… i need the experience… i have had enough of customer service or sales role… customers SUXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!

i will be back again to be a receptionist NEXT FRIDAY!! *woohoooo*

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yea, u can really learn things working as admin … banking, serving customers, and etc are the most common & need to know ‘task’ in working environment …

congrats ! my dear are entering the real world of working now !!!

gambate ~ !!! =P

Receptionist Suit you the most lor. Can talk on da phone, Can Meet So many Potential future Hubby.Most importantly you now have more excueses to buy nice dress!! OL VY. GAN BAH TEH.

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