damn!! i wanna eat eat eat chew chew chew my boss!! she is so damn annoying!!

her face is just so black, just like justice bao… everyday comes in with the my-dad-just-passed-away face or hey-you-owe-me-money face… beh tahan… eh i dont deserve that ok, you ONLY paying me 9bucks… i dont mind if you paying me 19bucks and do that to me… or i think her previous life was TOO HAPPY until she smiled and laughed for the whole life and then this year she cant smile or cant laugh anymore…

and being too kiamsiap is bad… i think everyone in the centre knows that… she asks me for the change even it’s only FIVE CENTS change when she doesnt have the right change to pay my salary… now, i still owe her 75cents, because she paid me 1buck for the 25cents of dont-know-how-many-dollars… i think i should just tell her to KEEP THE CHANGE next time…

what’s more when i was blamed for not arranging the things properly when i was only asked to arrange it till i think it’s good and not given any instruction to do so… but in the end, i thought i did a good job, i was happy with my arrangement… she said i didnt do it properly… what’s worse when i was told to do stock take when it’s almost time for me to go home… damn it!! and she even deducts the 15 minutes break time from the salary while i dont even get LUNCH BREAK…

today even funnier… when i was doing the stock take so i had no time to serve customers, so she served for me… then in the end, she told me “I SO NICE, I DID SOME SALES FOR YOU” wtffffffffffffffffffffff… anything to do with me meh those sales? i got commission one ar? i give you lor the sales… crazy one… FOR ME pulak… in the end for herself only…

please lar… i am looking for a new job!!!


luckily i found a nice boss now… uncle smoke zone is nice!! i volunteerily to go for a small training session last thursday after work… but he insisted wanna pay me/buy me food/drink… aiseh… then i officially started to work on last friday and every friday… although i only get paid 8bucks there, at least it’s easier, happier and most importantly, i am not alone and i have a nice boss working together with me!!! he even told me to work anytime i want… as he said “come to work when you want extra money” and also no working time limit… he actually told me to work for 8 hours on last friday till 5pm, but he knew that i had to wait for babybendan till 6.30pm, so he asked me to work till 6.30pm… SOOOOOOO NICE!!!

today when i finished working at 5.30pm, as he knew that i had to wait till 6.30pm again, so he offered me to use his shop’s computer to online while waiting for babybendan, and he would leave his keys to me so that i could lock the door when i left… SOOOOOOOO NICE!!!

at least for him, i willing to work more for no pay… isn’t it better to treat me nicer? so that you dont have to pay me and i work free for you? i dont even want to work for you eventhough you pay me, LEARN YOUR LESSON LAR MS. LIVIA!!!

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