Not So Hopeless…

*yeay* there comes my hope… i went to 2 interviews today, and surprisingly i kinda like both of the jobs… first one was a migration lawyer looking for a migration consultant… second one was a student accomodation looking for a receptionist… but, i still prefer the migration lawyer firm’s job than the student accomodation one… it sounds WAYYYYYYYYY professional and more interesting… =) *pray hard*

but at least, i already got news from the student accomodation manager 15 minutes after the interview, she actually gave me like 5 missed calls on both my phones as i had my phones on silent… she actually told me that the person who interviewed me was very happy with me and asking me to go for training next week… YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

FINALLY, i can get away from retail… there comes my chance… =)

but because of this… i will have to work 9 days in a row… *OMGOMGOMG* because i cant quit any of my current jobs just for the training, IN CASE something’s not right… so i am going for training for 3 days, working for phone stop for 3 days and smoke zone for 1 day… that’s my schedule for NEXT WEEK, and i need to work for phone stop tomorrow and sunday to make up the days off i had while i was sick… so… 9 DAYS IN A ROW… *phew*

now… i can see a lil sunlight coming in… my hope…


by the way, i think something’s wrong with my previous entry… and made you guys think that… i… erm…

whatever, i was just so depressed again… i had a fight with my mom till she went offline immediately, i had a fight with babybendan because he didnt bring me out after i got all dressed up, i was sad because of my job, i was sad that some of my friends are going back, i was sad that i have so little money but so much to pay…

now, me and my mom already friend back… me and babybendan also baby back… my job got new hope…

BUT STILL… i dont have enough money… and my friends are still going back, i need to find new entertainments on weekends…

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ARG.. I TOT WAT. MAHEM, YOU 1st TIME ENCOUNTERED THOSE PROBLEMS meh? I TOT YOU ADA BIG BIG PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha, anyway, glad to hear everything is going fine.!

the problems still there mar… so sometimes gotta RE-feel the sadness one mar… AHHAHAHA… cannot let myself get used to it… =P

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