A return from the old folk

Buddies, though no guys miss me at all, ppl juz wonder y I stop posting, hmm…..maybe i m juz lazy….maybe i m bored with blog….too many reasons but too lil actions….ahhaha
Some updates from me, i gonna graduate soon in this December!!!
just broke up with gf
hmm… nothing much then!!!

few months back malaysia embassator in usa and few malaysian goverment guys came to my schoool to have a dinner and talk to promote malaysia. Well, dinner sucks, their presentation suck, their communication skills suck. i think those presentation that i seen in my taylors college or my university are way better than them. They juz simply go over the slides, read through what already on the slides, and thats it. Crap, in the Q&A section, they cant even give a confirm answer!!!! 1 guy says yes, another says no, another says not sure!!! what kind of crap is this?????I am shame of them, they represent the malaysia, they should way prepared than this man!!! Even a college student is better!! I asked them whats the focus of development of malaysia in the future….what we gonna be in the future, a country focus in robot tech like Japan, biotech like Singapore, or finance service like USA? then I only got answer saying we are going to be heavy industrial country, oh this is crap man, in the 90’s Mahathir oledi said this and we failed to do so. And now , this guy cant even answer my question, no wonder all maalysians are so lost with their future. Man, comon!!!ok in the other side, i knew many malaysians oledi lost hope of malaysia since they studied abroad because they experienced the advancement of other country, I just people can remember where you belong, where did you come from, we are not borned to complain but to solve the problems, so when you complaining at the same time, do something when you know there is a problem. alrighty, I m done with 2day, guys thanks for reading!!!

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