Happy 2007!!!

happy new year!!!! it’s another new start… and make sure it’s GOOD start… i dont hope for much… i am only hoping for… i can get a place to stay… and then i can get my PR as soon as possible then i can get a proper job… i think if these are doing well, everything will be fine… *pray pray pray*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOMMIE!!! she is… 50 already!! *ooppppssss… it’s her secret, i am not supposed to reveal* but she is still as cute… wishing her best of luck in everything she does… I LOVE YOU MOMMIE!!!


and yea, i already booked my ticket on 16th Feb… leaving melbourne at 12.45am, reaching kl at 5.45am… anyone wanna pick me up? FREE BREAKFAST!!!! come come come, while position last!!!

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yo~ happy new year, wish all your wishes come true… n wish 1 of your wish is for all my wishes to come true, then i onli need to wish all your wishes to come true so my wishes will come true also, coz 1 of my wishes is for all your wish to come true~


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