Richmen Cave

i am now feeling like how MAYVIS felt before… she moved to her new house happily, but without a phone line, without internet, and without shops around… i was very evil, i laughed at her RICHMEN CAVE…

and now… i am in the same situation… DAMN!! finally i am now in our new apartment… not as big as old house, but it’s pretty big for an apartment… stylish looking, luxury looking… but NO PHONE LINE NO INTERNET NO SHOPS… the nearest place is CROWN!! what the hell can i do with crown~~~ i dont want to go to crown food court everyday… i dont want to lose money there everyday… nothing to do at home… WAHLAO!!!!!!!!!!!

but this morning, i am very very lucky… like NOW!! someone is very GENEROUS, someone is sharing me his/her wireless network, it’s called NETGEAR… hi NETGEAR, i am very happy, can we be friends? i appreciate your wonderful wireless network… =) *if you are reading, please accept me as your friend instead of putting the security on, PLEASE*

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hello there,

netgear is the brandname of that wireless router instead of the name of that wireless LAN (local area network)

anyhow wishing you can have a better internet and phone line connection 🙂

if “netgear” puts security with her wireless LAN, meaning that you might be a “big” free rider too much, if you see her next time in person, kindly pay her back some money or tell her you won’t monopolise her LAN’s outbound traffic 🙂

in the meanwhile, just go and apply for a phone line package with ADSL provided

Enjoy your summer,

damn, i feel like i sounded like an idiot?

of coz i know that netgear is a brandname, but people like to use netgear as their LAN name? someone uses DEFAULT? some use HOME? so what are they?????

next, thanks for the suggestion, i already applied, but sorry to tell you that my dad doesnt own OPTUS, they need to take days to process my application…

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