YEAP YEAP YEAP!! Finally, I don’t have to sit at home all day anymore!! Oh wait, let me THANK some people first… Firstly, I would like to thank EVERYONE who sincerely wished me luck before… Secondly, which is the most important one, is my Kor!! Thanks kor for the effort of MODIFYING my resume and cover letter… IT HELPS!! You got me my FIRST interview!! And I GOT IT!! wooohoooo~~~~

And then, thirdly, it sounds a bit lame, but still I think it DOES matter somewhat, the THANK YOU goes to my DADDY!! Why? Because all the time I find that “1,4,7” are good numbers for me, I had my house phone number “1714”, my dad’s car plate number “147”, my current house phone number “7141”… And the address that I’m going to work at is “741”… Lame? =P

Oh ya, one more, I need to thank my JIE for giving me such a NICE PERFUME, Amor Amor by Cacharel… Why? The moment I met the person who interviewed me, she said “I like your perfume, smells really nice”… HAHAHAHHAHAHA~~ I’m going to wear that everyday!! =P

Let’s talk about the job, it’s an online baby boutique… So, I’ll be doing some admin jobs there… Although the pay is LOW… But, it’s a good start for me to LEARN and get some experience back… There are some good things about it, that it’s a small company, meaning I’ll have more opportunities to do more other things, meaning ONE-LEG-KICK!! Which is good, I CAN LEARN!! And then, my BOSSES, husband and wife, they are very friendly… And then, I don’t have to dress up like an AUNTIE to go to work, instead, I can wear AS PRETTY AS I CAN… Even T-Shirt and jeans!! CASUAL WEAR!! Hm… It’s located on Glenferrie Rd, near to train station and tram stop… Very convenient…

So, I guess it’s a good start for me… Happy working and happy LEARING to me… Oh, it’s a NEW company, so I guess… Happy growing together too… =)

2 replies on “NOMORE JOBLESS!!”

I thought it was a joke when I 1st got the news from Mayvis nick, -hippie babe. Haha, anyway, all da best for your job. Cacharel, there is Cacharel outlet store in Aus? Damnz..

why now only UK can have is it!!

why did you think it’s a joke? i cant work for BABIES is it now!! grrrrrrrrrrrr~~ BABIES LOVE ME OK!! =P

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