I always believe in…

1. “若要人不知,除非己莫为” (If you don’t want other people to know, unless you don’t do it) and

2. “有错要认打要企定” (If you are wrong, admit it. Stand still if you are getting punished)

3. “旁观者清” (People who are not involved can judge better)

4. “一个谎话需要用其他99个谎话去圆” (A lie is supported by 99 lies)

P/S: Sorry, I am not sure whether they are the RIGHT translation, anyone wanna help me to make it better, PLEASE do it…

Sometimes people say that I am stubborn that I don’t admit my own wrongs… Usually I will admit it, when I REALLY KNOW that I am wrong… I think I am not that BAD till I do wrong things IN PURPOSE… What I mean is… I do wrong things, but not noticing that they are actually not right… So, I am happy that if you are nice enough to let me know, so that I will try my best to improve myself…

But usually, I don’t EASILY admit that I am wrong, until you can CONVINCE me… OK, I am stubborn… In a good way, because I believe in what I am doing and also not giving in easily… *HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA* sounds like 死鸡 aka DEAD CHICKEN…

I hate it when people tell me that… “You are wrong” with no reason, or when I ask “Why am I wrong”… They will tell me “I don’t know how to tell you”… That is not very helpful and sort of annoying… Or maybe I am too DUMB or too LAZY to figure it out myself… But, I like to listen and know how other people think about it, I love comments… In short, I love *DEBATING* *DISCUSSING*… =P

Sometimes, people tell me that I don’t know how to say things… Yes, I admit that… I tend to say things too STRAIGHT, because I find it very LAZY and TIRED to twist and turn just to make it SOUND NICER… But, who can actually MASTER that? Usually after a few twists and turns, it will lead to another completely different meaning… That will make the idea meaningless… Well, too bad, that is what we call THE ART OF SPEECH, you HAVE to learn how to do it in order to survive in this world… Yes, I HAVE TO and WILL LEARN HOW TO DO IT!! *Grrrrrrrrrr*

Worse still if it is a LIE, you have to keep telling more and more lies to make your MAIN lie SOUNDS REAL… and after a few more lies… it will become “说谎也可以变成习惯,习惯到连自己都不觉得自己是在说谎” (Telling lies can become a habit, till you don’t even notice that you are telling lies)… That is very sad… That’s why I think telling lies is very tiring…

Anyway, what I am trying to say is… People know whatever you do, outsiders can see it clearly, you can’t hide from them… So why waste effort to cover up?

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Exactly. I mean, ppl who know me well get what I mean when I say something, be it too straight or hurtful. Lie is definitely what I cant tolerate. You can’t imagine how many lies you have to tell just to cover one of the lie you created, and others tend to discuss about it behind you. Oh yea, Hypocrites, thats another issue that I hate most. You can get the all the messages from my words, and body language. I wont smile to you if I dont like you, I wont even talk to you if I feel uncomfortable with you, I will be sacarsm to you if you trying to fake out a perfect you. Cover up is just wasting effort, when you didnt do something, ppl will know, when you have changed to a better person, ppl will notice, it is always not what you said that count.

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