Super Hardworking…

Wahlaoyeh… I was so hardworking today!! EXTREMELY!! From 9.30am till 7.30pm… A total of 10 hours of work today!! I was AMAZED!! *Dizzieeee* But too bad, I don’t think there is OT allowance for that… =(

Well, I think my bosses somehow KNOW that I was complaining about the EASY tasks, so they purposely throw some CHALLENGING work for me to PLAY with… How sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!! They must be trying hard to train me up to become a better person, making my life more meaningful~~~

Now, I am totally defeated by this… COMPLICATED work I am doing… Too confusing till I don’t even know what I am doing… I miss my packing orders days, those were happier moments… I feel like I am too UNDERQUALIFIED now… =(


OK, time for a A JOKE…

Kawan sekalian, saye akan taip BM apabile saye tak nak bagi saye punyer XYZ tauke tau sesuatu… Kerane tuhan-tau-macam-mane mereke sampai di tempat MAGIC ni… Saye nak terime kasih tu GOOGLE manyak manyak… kamu olang nak komen pun pandai sikit, okei… Sekian terima kasih…

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