Review: Tokyo Teppanyaki

Been eating out for 5 days in a row, my money is getting lesser and lesser while the FAT in my body is getting more and more… Further more, we went to this INFAMOUS TOKYO TEPPANYAKI in town tonight…

This is too famous, heard about it DAMN MANY TIMES, so finally Cheryl darling and I decided to give it a try… And, a so-called ROMANTIC dinner… *lame* We were hungry, we wanted some yummy food… But, this place here took god damn long to get the food ready… WHY?

Those chefs here are like CLOWNS in the circus, they do STUNTS, they perform while cooking… They throw their knives up and down, left and right… They arrange onion pieces into a VOLCANO and light it up… They throw egg into customers’ mouth… They throw bowl with rice and ask customers to catch it… *sweat* We were like “Damn, when is our food going to be ready”… And we actually asked if we could have our food cooked in the kitchen, we had no mood for the SHOW…

But, at least something kept us entertained… There were 2 ladies sitting in front of us, they looked like they were high on drugs… They were so hyper, they kept talking loudly, laughing loudly, throwing vegetables at each other, throwing the phone… *no eye see* And the most entertaining part was… They asked the chef “Do you watch porno?”… He actually answered “Sometimes”… And they started to discuss about that in front of all of us while he was cooking… One of the ladies actually said that it’s not right to watch porno *Guys, you guys are not right* and she said it’s DISGUSTING… Because she dated a PORN STAR who never watched porn before and after that she dated a NORMAL guy who watched porn, and she claimed that that was very DISGUSTING… *wtf*

Then, there came another chef, Peter *MALAYSIAN*… The chef before actually came to tell him in cantonese that “these 2 ladies are crazy, beware” I bursted out laughing… They asked for our names, Cheryl said she was JANE, then I said I was CHERYL… Then, the lady said CHERYL IS A HORRIBLE NAME!! Sorry ar darling =P *rofl* Cheryl was so pissed off… But, I told her not to get mad at INSANE people… We actually purposely ordered a dessert after the VERY FULL dinner just to sit there longer for more entertainment… They really entertained us a lot, I think without them, our dinner would be DAMN DEAD…

OK… Review time… This place is only for PERFORMANCE, if you like to see special moves and like to go WOW!! This is the place for EXPERIENCE… Price, I will only come when I HAVE TO come, too expensive for this kinda quality of food… In other words, the food not that good though… You can go for better teppanyaki in Sg Wang for what… RM20? The best thing I enjoyed the most was the TEMPURA ICE CREAM!!! DAMN YUM!!!

Cheryl + Ericca’s Dinner:

Ericca’s Pineapple Juice: AUD5 *reasonable*
Cheryl’s dont know what sparkling water: AUD7.50 *sibeh mahal*

Shared – Soft Shell Crab Tempura: AUD12 for ONLY ONE CRAB cut into 2 pieces *expensive siaoz*

Cheryl’s Garlic Chicken Teppanyaki: AUD33 *OK OK ONLY*
Ericca’s Ginger and Shallot Chicken Teppanyaki: AUD33 *tamade not worth it*

Steamed Rice: AUD3.50 x 2 bowls = AUD7 *RM20 rice can throw until you die*


Total bill: AUD108.50 for 2… *#$^$%&%^*&^%#$%@#$#%$^%*@$#$*

NO NEXT TIME!! Unless someone is going to pay for my bill!! And DAMN, I am hoping that I won’t be eating out again tomorrow… I’m growing faster than a MONSTER!! While my wallet is getting thinner and thinner… FARK THAT!!

Ladies and gentlemen… The best highlight of the night goes to… TEMPURA ICE CREAM!!!

Crispy fried outer layer of the vanilla ice cream, together with fruits… *yummmmmmmmmmmmm* VERY HAPPY!! But also very guilty!! Calories = UNCOUNTABLE!! *niameh*

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erm… yea… i regret… but at THAT moment, i felt so lame, so stupid… cant be bothered doing that… HAHAHHAHA… you should try it out… good experience then you will know what i talking about… HAHAHAHA…

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