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Had been gambling ALMOST every night during the past 1+ week, every night doing the same thing. And now, LooPy is gone, no gambling tonight… =(

So, I shall start gambling at home instead. Gambling is good. It’s all about Fun. Exciting. Interesting. And of course WINNINGS!!! Some online gambling sessions shall begin in a minute, come to the Gaming Club. My all time favs are Roulette, Poker, BlackJack. Roulette is easy to win and a good past time. While Poker is a lil bit cheeky, you have to play with your luck and also MIND READING. BlackJack is even easier, below 21 is good and then will depend on the dealer’s cards, but more than 21 is WAY TOO MANY.

Gaming Club gives you a REAL casino environment where you can sit, lie or squat wearing whatever you want, relaxingly and happily WINNING money!! Those games in there are so realistic till you would THINK that you were really are in a casino, no joke. Also, you don’t have to worry about being asked for ID, there is no security check!! It’s so many to list, the advantages of online gaming are just TOOOOOOOOOO many!!

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