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Smorty is one of the best ways to get paid for blogging. Wondering how does it work? It is real simple. Advertisers pay Smorty for the advertisements, while Smorty actually advertises those advertisements on blogs, on OUR blogs. So, in the end, Smorty pays us for advertising those advertisements in our blogs. It is called the blog advertising.

There are so many advertisers in Smorty, you can simply choose the one that you feel like to talk about. It is an example of creating awareness. This is also good for bloggers, because bloggers like to BLOG, and what’s even better when bloggers are geting PAID by blogging?

Getting paid by Smorty is fairly easy, the only thing you need is a Paypal ID. Paypal has been a must in the internet society, it is so easy to use and most importantly, it is SAFE to use.

Come on, let’s all blog for money!!!

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