We went to this hot pot place in Southbank to celebrate Phui Yean’s birthday last night. The price was good, 15bucks for eat all you can, kinda worth it if you are a big eater. Especially if you *heart* MEAT!! But, not too many choices though. Only some beef, lamb, pork, vegetables, balls, crab sticks, prawns, mussels… Nothing’s special.

Oh, the special thing is their 麻辣 *MA LAT* is not even spicy *WTF*

And another special thing is their SERVICE!! ICHIBAD!! The restaurant was ALMOST empty, they had more than 20 TABLES there but only less than 3 were occupied. And then there were more than 5 waitresses doing almost nothing over there. They couldn’t even bothered to serve us while they told us SELF SERVICE. That’s fine. They didn’t even GREET you or say THANK YOU or whatsoever manners that A REASONABLE PERSON should have. They even talked to you with 2 hands in the pockets. *BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD*

In the end, Jimmy did a very good job!! He purposely messed up the table and said “甘串,抹抬啦你” *So rude, clean up the table then*…


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