A Decision…

Suffered a lot to finally make up this decision, I’ve accepted a new job offer.

It was a real rush in making this decision, in fact, I made TWO decisions. I rejected it the first time, thinking it was too rush. Then, I was given another chance to reconsider, I took a long time to think of it. Also, a HARD time feeling bad for my current bosses.

I received the offer on Wednesday, and I was told to start on Monday. Seriously really very rush, I felt that I had to be responsible to myself and my current bosses. I just thought that I couldn’t just leave like that and then got everyone into trouble behind me. So, I rejected it for the first time. But then later, I was told to reconsider, a role that I am interested in, an industry that I have been dreaming of, a well increment… I then made up a SELFISH decision, accepted that offer.

I was so scared and worried, I didn’t know how to tell my current bosses. As we are still in good terms, not like we had conflicts and I couldn’t be bothered to stay anymore, which makes it even worse. How I wished we were in bad terms, so that I could just leave without thinking. But, they are nice, VERY NICE instead.

Ever since I made up my mind, I knew that I will DEFINITELY miss my time there, wearing casual to work, flexible working time, easy jobs, light work loads, friendly people, stress-free… The coolest part was, I could MSN chat with my boss. All these soon will be in the history. What I can do now is to contribute as much as I can to minimize their trouble that I have left with, so that they won’t hate me that much =(

I’m also lucky that they are SO SUPER understanding. Once I was told that, a nice boss will never keep you away from a better future, no matter how much they need you.

Now that I’m worried that the new job will be REAL stressful, and I’m afraid that I won’t be able to cope with the corporate environment. I have been too happily living in a super comfort zone, now there comes the challenge.

Good Luck! To me.

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