Digital Cameras…

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WE LOVE DIGITAL CAMERAS!! We can take pictures anytime anywhere and even do anything to the pictures taken.

Thanks to digital cameras, we can capture the best moments out there without fail, as we can always view the pictures right after taken. We can also share nice moments with family and friends around the world, even to the public.

I am always having a digital camera with me, so that I will never miss out any chance that I want to capture; happy moments, cute things, special events, scenery… A digital camera is a MUST!

The good thing about digital cameras is you can save them into a small tiny memory card and carry with you to anywhere and view the pictures anytime! We no longer need big fat photo albums no more!!


4 Drama Queens…

4 drama queens had so fun again after like SO SO SO long… HUSH BAR FOR THE WIN!!

It was just too crazy, not too drunk, but enough to go crazy!! *yeah*

The funniest moment was when 4 *having fun* in the disabled toilet, fighting for the ONLY toilet, flashing, laughing, dancing… I didn’t that toilet can be so happening, until the toilet met us… It could be…

And also how we danced in the dance floor till guys surrounding us and we ran away… Then we back again… Then drank again… Then danced again… So fun clubbing with ONLY GIRLS!! We had guys, just that they were nowhere to be seen… And WHO CARES!!

BEFORE… Still at home…

Just getting started…

AFTER: Don’t ask me whose car, I have no idea at all…

Lucky I was wearing BLACK stockings, else… Not sure what’s gonna be showing…

TOO BAD, that we didn’t take pictures in the toilet… And also, the 4 dead bodies lying on the CAR PARK GROUND…

And guess what, I went home and slept for 4 hours and went to work again!! *applause*



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I have to admit that the technology is getting better and better everyday, nothing is impossible now!!

I have heard of these doctors, they are Dr Miklos and Dr Moore, that they are good in labia reduction surgery and laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery. If you wonder what is that, it is vaginal plastic surgery. Please visit for more information.

Everyone wants to be young, especially someone is already far from his or her younger days. Well, women can now be young again with the help of Dr Milkos and Dr Moore. They are internationally renowned surgeons in Atlanta, they have a record of helping women in 46 states and 23 countries.




27th, 3 more days to go!! GO GO GO!! WOOHOOO!!

I have been sitting in front of the computer working for one whole day, I even eat in front of the computer during lunch, it’s SO SO SO much to do!!

I think my body is breaking, as I can hear weird sound when I stretch my body…

I think my bum is getting bigger, as I have been sitting all the time…

I think I am getting fatter, as I keep eating because I am too stressed…


I think it’s ALL OK, because I am getting RICHER too =P



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In this modern society, everyone is relying on electronics and appliances every minute every day in order to do anything. Nobody can live without them.

While I am now to introduce a good place to purchase all these online with FREE SHIPPING!! It is the ABTELECTRONICS!! They are a well established electronics online store, they sell cameras, videos, televisions, dishwashers, mp3 players, GPS devices, notebooks, coffee machines, home theaters, phones,
air purifier filter… OH MY GOD, AND MANY MANY MORE… Go to and take a look yourself, there are seriously TOO MANY to list!

If you don’t like to buy something when you can’t FEEL them, don’t worry, they have retail stores too! They are nice enough to even give you direction to get there!


June 30…

30th June is the VERY CRITICAL date for us, everyone is SO SO SO busy rushing for the end of the financial year… Even I *have the chance to* OT for the rest of this week!! As I am a TEMP, so I get paid * for the OT, which is GOOD!! *wakkakakakaka*

Nah, although I am money minded, I am not that bad… I will still do it without the extra pay… I don’t like to go home at 5pm, because the trams are so packed, I rather leave later and BE NICE =P

And now, it’s even better when I work OT, they provide dinner and also FREE TAXI HOME after 8pm… Damn good, right!!

Today, even BETTER BETTER, my team is just SO SWEET!! They got us these 2 SHEETS, with some oh-so-sweet messages, together with the oh-so-yummy chocolates… And also there will be some PARTY TIME everyday to RELAX our mind for a lil moment, HOW SWEET IS THAT!!

The chocolates message: It’s June 30, it’s CRUNCHIE time, no time to PICNIC, no time to FLAKE. Know your stuff, no time to bluff. Give yourself a BOOST, BOUNTY energy a must!! We’ve got clients to service above and beyond. Wave your magic wand!

Out PARTY TIME schedule…


My Fitness Pal…

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It’s winter again; I have been eating ALL THE TIME to keep my body warm. I need more energy to keep myself away from cold, this is why I have been EATING and I AM FAT!!

DAMN, I need to lose weight AGAIN!!

Luckily, I have found my NEW best friend, My Fitness Pal. It provides FREE calorie counter, so that I can count the calories before I eat, or I can count the calories that I need to lose after eating. Besides, it also provides diet and exercise journal, which I can keep track of my diet plan, in order for me to have a better view of my diet progress.

Further more, it provides a database for you to do research on the food easily, which helps you to decide on the dietary intake. And most importantly, there is a forum where there will be so many people giving you support and sharing their successful stories.

It is so easy to use, simply just log in to, and KEEP AWAY your credit card. Because it’s FREE, you don’t have to pay a cent! Then, you are ready to lose weight effectively and efficiently!



This is a DAMN BLARDEE COOL place!! The name itself is cool enough already man!! GARAGE!! It is a cafe and bar…

It has food, pool tables, touch screen games, car racing games… Most importantly… CHICKS!!! AND CARS!!!! AND COOL MUSIC!!!

I went there to have dinner with my darling Cheryl, my fattie cousin Andrea, my part time bf Vincent, and my darling’s friend – saYANG, from KL in Melbourne for business trip… So we went there to have Indonesian food… I felt like eating in a CLUB, with so many hot chicks with farking high heels and super mini skirts walking around… And with the DJ blasting R&B songs… And then can see CARS too!! Interesting…

The most important thing is… CUTE GUYS + COOL CARS!! *drooOOoOoOOooOooL*

DJ spinning…

That’s the place where we eat…



For those who didn’t know, I’m now working at Macquarie Bank for their Financial Services Group as a Processing Admin…

It was pretty boring for the first week, as it was a ONE WHOLE WEEK of training, just like attending lectures, so SLEEPY!! The difference is, you pay to attend lectures, but I get paid to attend training!! HAHAHHAHAA…

But now, it’s getting better, as I know what I am doing now, so we are now handling TOUGHER cases… From the start, I did one INDIVIDUAL case, the MOST basic one in 30 minutes, then improved to less than 10 minutes… And now, I am handling COMPANY cases… They are so complicated, some take 30 minutes, some 180 minutes for ONLY ONE CASE!! But, I LIKE them, they are more challenging!! The tougher the better!! I feel smarter =P

Sometimes, I really think that I shouldn’t have studied so much, because I think I’m better in WORKING!! At least, I love to work… And, I think my luck is also better… I have always met up with nice employers, good working environments, great workmates… Of course, I still complain at times, but they are not that bad at all…




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