Body or Face…

I am not sure about other people, but I like to look at FACE first, then only BODY… But I will definately not MIX them up together… As in, I will say PRETTY BUT FAT, or NICE BODY BUT NOT PRETTY…

But, recently, I was told that GUYS prefer a nice body than a pretty face… They will give positive comment on a GIRL overall when she has a nice body but not pretty at all… This is how I always FIGHT with some of them!!

When I say PRETTY, they say NO, because the body not nice, then I would say I SAID PRETTY NOT NICE BODY!! I just don’t understand, can’t you just make it CLEARLY, not MIXING UP? Then when the body is nice and the face is not nice then they will say HOT!! When I look at the face, I was like OMG, WTF!!

I am not sure ALL GUYS think like that or only some certain guys… I just DON’T AGREE!!

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haha, one of my friend was telling me : cover the face and fuck the base. Well, pretty means pretty, hot bod means hot bod, it’s 2 different things. Im agree with you.

well, guys get turned on by the curvature.. the face can’t turn on anyone unless the lady is a slut who poses horny / slutty look 24/7. but a body, it’s that by nature.. which by nature it turns guys its very didfferent you know..

but for me, i’d go for looks before anything else.. but i would prefer a normal look with normal body 😛

balance is the essence.

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