OL Cam-Whore…

*yeay* A cam-whore is so happy when she actually found that she can cam-whore in the office too!! WOOOHOOOO!!

I found this place, it’s the SHOWER, there are 4 showers in the office. They are usually for people who shower before work, who go jogging during lunch hour, or who go to the gym during lunch hour, and also people who wanna go out after work and can’t be bothered going home to get changed… So, this is the place…

And now, it’s MY PLACE to cam-whore!! =P

3 replies on “OL Cam-Whore…”

never actually saw you in OL clothing.. kinda weird. Thought you were one big SAI LOU… then, eih grown up already. Weird.

so well design…
macquarie bank..biggest millionaire maker bank in aussie now..every little bit there is earning

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