New Jacket!!

*weeeeeeeheeeeeeeeee* Another new jacket that I am in love with!! Got it from ebay for only 50bucks!!

I actually got it about a month ago, but I didn’t like the smell, maybe it was stored in a garage or whatsoever, so it was STINKY!! I washed it a few times and left it outside at the balcony for weeks…

And, left it in a bag that already sprayed with PERFUME, and YES, finally I am wearing it!! *wooohooooo*

Happily wore this to gathering =)

5 replies on “New Jacket!!”

ericca! out of sudden tot of u… come in here lo… hehe… from ur pics… u DO looked pretty d… matured d… dai goh lui lor… hehe… 😉

wah… you suddenly out of the sudden and came here to suddenly scare the heck out of me!! HAHAHHAHA~~

ok ler… you miss me in keiconcept only is it… =P

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