Art Gallery Part 2…

woooopsss… I almost forgot to blog about the ART GALLERY!!

Alright, I LIED, it wasn’t an art gallery, but it is just a LOBBY, of the building that I work at. And all the art are from the art gallery at the back of the building. *Yes, that’s the real gallery, but the lobby is not*

I am sure about you people, but I liked this lobby ever since I first came to this building for my interview. It is the most beautiful office lobby that I have seen!! I have always wanted to go to the REAL art gallery to have a look, but… NOT YET!! SOON!!

There are so many lifts, should be around 25 lifts there, make sure you take the CORRECT one, because different lifts go to different floors…

The time that I always look at when I am in the lift, so I know whether I am late or not, and also the time I am out for lunch…

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