Country Names…

*P/S: This is not meant to be a racist post*

Today, I saw this NAME at work, and the first thing I did was *WTTTFFFF*… This person’s name is INDIA, and yes she’s from India. I don’t blame her, she didn’t give herself that name. I was thinking, why would someone name their children with a country’s name… Just wondering, if there are people with the name Malaysia? Taiwan? Singapore? Australia? China? Japan?

Just wondering, if one day, this baby is being naughty or whatsoever, and the mother starts scolding this baby by “You this *country name*, never want to listen to me, always making me angry, how do you want me to punish you?” or one day when this baby has grown up, and in love with someone, the partner will probably go “Oh my love *country name*, you are my honey bee, sweetie pie…”


Maybe this baby becomes a very famous person, and her name is all over the news, with “*country name* is blablablabla…”

It is just so confusing…

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but there is Paris hilton also wor. Someone could be naming their children Mumbai or Calcutta also lar…

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