10.545% CTR…

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Amazing news!! There was a study shows that payperpost is working, and it is working REALLY WELL!!

When payperpost has just started, everyone doubt whether it would work, as it just sounds ridiculous. Most of them just think that people who reading blogs wouldn’t click on those links on a sponsored post. I remember those times when I was discussing with some friends about sponsored posts; they just think that it is a waste of time and money to advertise on blogs, just because people like THEM don’t click on the links. Well, I have seen many people clicking on the sponsored posts too, just like me! Especially those really interesting ones, they definitely deserve more clicks. And now, it has all been proven that payperpost strategy works.

The clicks though rate of 10.545% means that more than 1 links are clicked out of 10 links. I somehow think that this result is much better than those ads banners that you place on some websites. As I think that those are too obvious to be an advertisement and people wouldn’t click on it as they know that it is an advertisement. As for sponsored posts, we target our readers, we know what they like, so that we write about things that they like. That is obviously a better reach. Beside that, when we are posting a sponsored post, we are actually reviewing and telling everyone about what it is, and this is better as we know that is something that we like and we will just click on it for more.

Lastly, congratulation to the amazing news of bloggers and payperpost!!

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