There is this emptiness in me ALL THE TIME, always feeling SOMETHING is not there, not right… Or maybe, there are TOO MANY things missing in my life…

Things that I should have, but I don’t…
Things that I had, but I lost it…
Things that I have always wanted to have, but I haven’t…

Always, want to have those that I should have, want to find back those that I have lost, want to have those that I have always wished to have…

Is that difficult? Or, am I too demanding? Or, this is how life supposed to be?

Life, never let you have all you want.
Life, always let you have DOWNS.
Life, you hate it but you have to live with it.

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hi ericca 🙂 thanks for visiting my blog.

I’ve been through a lot, as any one has in their life, ups and downs..and many times I also feel so so down and depress and all that, things that i do not blog about 🙂

In a way, saying what i did was easy of course, but I could also say it because I had also been through some really patches.

I know that smiley in the face of sadness and challenges is not easy.. but is not impossible.

I might be a new friend ( i hope i am!) 🙂 But feel free to chat anytime okie? 🙂 I got your link from zoe liam, and liked ur blog.

Take care and cheer up soon okay!
you are so leng lui, must smile smile! 🙂

WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! ok, you gave me 2 reasons to SMILE edi~~

1. i have a new friend!! *yeay*
2. i am a lenglui!! *blinkz*

well, yea DEPRESSION will go away SOON VERY SOON!! wooohooooo~~~

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