Part Time or No Part Time…

I have been complaining about my life being too boring with my Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm job. I have been hoping for a part time job that I can fill up my 6pm to 10pm daily, or a job that can fill up my weekends. I just don’t like to idea of staying at home doing nothing, or going out to do something for the reason I-don’t-want-to-stay-at-home.

How sad.

But it’s so hard to find jobs like this, it’s either they want you to work weekends and some weekdays, or they want you to work both Saturdays and Sundays and usually MORNING. Then I mar can’t go to play lor? Then I mar can’t enjoy even ONE DAY waking up naturally lor?


So what lar now!! Should I work or should I not work? Can someone hire me that I can work when I am free and then not work when I want to go out to have fun? PUHLEASE~~~~

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ya u can come and be a part time maid at my place and do some cleaning. Twice a week! choose whichever day u want.

ericca, dilemma huh… sell things on ebay le? Print ur pics on postcard and sell them. It might work… hehe

you would have some fans out there you never know. 😉
but wat is your naturally waking time?

hey, no need work part time lar…go bloggin’ and put some ads at ur blogsite….then u will be earning $$$ (although not much)…but u get the satisfaction of bloggin’…at least there is no boss around…coz U R THE BOSS 😉

erm… cannot ler… my life is DEAD, nothing to blog about… therefore, my blog is DEAD, how to earn money oh…

abnerd, i first one sell to you, must buy ok! time, it depends on what time i sleep =P maybe 10am is my sleeping time… hehehehehe

fiona… okok… come let me interview you first!

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