Every relationship has its own problems, it depends on major ones, or minor ones. And, when it comes to a situation, where you will have to decide, is this relationship worth continuing.

Problems happen when ONE or MORE parties behave differently. More parties as in, some other people might get involved, most commonly the third party. I would think, it’s not the end when there is a third party involved.

A third party can come into place when you are just bored and trying to get more fun out there, or when you are having problems with your partner and trying to put your attention on someone else, or you are fighting with your partner and wanting to make your partner angry by having a third party, or that you are already in love with this third party. Things happen for a reason.

I would think that there is ONLY ONE question needed to be asked when things like these have happened –> Do you still love me? or Do you still want this relationship? I think, whenever there is a positive answer to this question, there is another TRY. A TRY doesn’t guarantee anything, but at least, you have tried your best, no regrets. If it doesn’t work in the end, probably you should thank your partner, Thanks for trying.

But, there is an end when you know someone’s HEART is not with you anymore. There is no point having someone physically but not mentally. No point even trying, or even THINKING to try.

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